Hi there, my name is Ruth Gyuse. For the better part of my days I work as an architect, but I am also an avid home cook by day and night. I recently joined a CSA and have been a community gardener for years.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on eating locally raised food and cooking tasty, inventive meals within a sensible budget. I live in Brooklyn, NY and was raised in Jos, Nigeria.

I also make yummy cupcakes to order, and can deliver anywhere in the five boroughs of New York City.

6 Responses to “about Ruth”

  1. Benita Potters Says:

    What a joy your website is!

  2. E.Lee Says:

    Hi Ruth! Thanks for your comment and good luck with your croquembouche. We had alot of fun making ours (even though, as you can tell, we DID put ours in the fridge…que disastre…and had to put it together all over again). I’m sure you friend will love, love, love it. Can’t wait to read about it.

  3. Astrid Says:

    Ruth – Sorry for the late response! I’m sorry I can’t remember how many cream puffs I ended up using for my croquembouche. I think there were about 20 left-over that didn’t make it into the tower (so that would make about 140?)… Definitely the cake can hold up for an hour or two. Beyond four or five, I don’t know though. It depends on the weather.

    • brownstonebaking Says:

      Astrid, I was so inspired by your croquembouche pictures and stories. Both you and E.Lee (bacon concentrate) were very helpful in terms of making the armature and knowing what to expect. I think I would have been quite lost without your pictures. I ended up using about 4 dozen total, so I wasn’t quite as tall as yours. And I had about 20 leftovers. I’ll post pictures sometime soon– I had a burnt caramel mishap and had to remake the caramel. Not fun!

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