Odds and Ends

February 1, 2011

Friends sometimes ask me what sort of things I find handy to have in the cupboards. Here’s a surprising one: toasted sesame seeds. They can be found cheaply at any Asian grocery store and probably other ethnic food stores or decent sized groceries, though I haven’t looked since I am so spoiled with variety here in New York City. I find a jar full lasts for months and can be brought out and shaken over sauteed greens,  mixed salads and chicken curries. This evening I was craving a quick, fresh bite of salad to go with my supper (a tasty if a little dry mushroom omelette… I need some omelette making coaching) and I wasn’t in the mood to sort and wash lettuce leaves so I put together this carrot salad in about 4 minutes flat. Especially in the winter, a good crunchy bite of veg helps round out a meal nicely.

Carrot and Sesame Seed Salad for One or Two People

2 decent sized, preferably organic carrots

1 healthy drizzle of olive oil (1/2 T or 1 T?)

1 healthy drizzle of rice vinegar (1-2tsps?)

A few healthy shakes of toasted sesame seeds (1/2 or 1 T?)

A large pinch of salt and a few turns of fresh ground pepper.

Scrub the carrots and chop off the ends. Grate the carrots on the largest grater setting. With a fork, toss in a bowl with olive oil and vinegar. Shake in the sesame seeds, toss some more. Add salt and pepper to your taste.

(If you want to get fancy, you can add shredded red cabbage for colour. A pinch of cumin or dried coriander probably wouldn’t hurt either.)