chocolate mousse cupcake

August 23, 2009


The more I bake cupcakes, the more I discover that sour cream is the wonder ingredient that gives moistness and creaminess to these little desserts. I grew up on oil cakes—back home in Nigeria we didn’t eat much butter and certainly my mother would not have indulged us with real butter for baking. Bright yellow, slightly slimy Blue Band margarine was the standard baking fat in our household, and so the light, creaminess of butter cakes was wholly lost on me until I arrived in the States. Back home we instead made oil cakes—lovely pans of golden chiffon which we would cut into squares and serve with steaming hot yellow custard for company dinners. Does anyone remember Bird’s Custard? It came in the blue and red tin and you could whip it up in a matter of minutes on the stove.  I had a craving for custard a few months ago and bought a tin of Bird’s at the West African Grocery store near Port Authority. I made myself a bowlful of custard but I must say, it wasn’t the glorious treat I’d remembered it to be, largely because I realized the primary ingredients in it are corn starch and Sunset Yellow C1 15985. I’ll make a butter cake to go with it next time.

What I have recently discovered with all this cupcake baking is that many recipes call for sour cream in their batter and it really is a wonderful addition, producing cakes that are rich but not overly heavy, better to receive luxurious quantities of delectable frosting.


7 Responses to “chocolate mousse cupcake”

  1. Amy J Says:

    These look good. I never think about using sour cream but that’s something I need to try next time.

    • brownstonebaking Says:

      I’ll post the recipe for you next time I bake. Whats nice about the sour cream is that it keeps the cakes light and still silky. Mind you the sour cream is always paired with at least a stick of butter! But makes for a quicker mixing time.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Happy birthday, my sweet!

  3. Deana Says:

    Happy birthday!!!

  4. Chiinga Says:

    Happy Birthday Ruth!!!

  5. Yuri Says:

    As a good eater of cupcakes, I here testify that Ruth’s cupcakes are the best – so much creamier and tastier than the stuff you get at a large commercial bakery like Magnolia, which is something! Highly recommend!

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