So, I’ve decided to start a food blog

July 10, 2009


Friends have been telling me to do this for about a year now so here I finally am setting it up. I am still amazed that anyone even spends any time going through blogs but I hear that they are quite addictive so lets see what happens. I’m doing this because I’ve also started a cupcake baking business (yummy cupcakes made to order) which promises to be super fun. But I do like the idea of talking generally about food since heaven knows, there is more to life than baking cupcakes. So, this first post is dedicated to my two muses: Elizabeth and LG . (I hope I’m allowed to post names on blogs…hmm). Elizabeth, because the two of us can talk about food until the cows come home (literally in the form of steak frites in our frying pans) and LG because he takes the most beautiful pictures of my food and my parties that I have ever seen.

I hope we can have some fun with this.


One Response to “So, I’ve decided to start a food blog”

  1. Sandra Vega Says:

    Good job Ruth!!! Can’t wait to place an order and taste some of your yummy cupcakes. I will keep in touch.
    Good luck with your new found business!

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